Shaolin Monks Kung Fu Performance Troupe

The Real Shaolin Monk Performers From China

Shaolin Temple Monks Martial Arts Troupe (or Shaolin Temple Yanze Kung Fu Performance Group) belongs to the Mount Song Shaolin Temple Monks Academy. The Shaoln monks’ performances stand for the first-tier of Shaolin martial arts. It was founded in 1995 by master Shi Yanze, the disciple of Shaolin Temple’s current Abbot Shi Yongxin. In the past 20+ years, Shaolin Temple Monks Kung Fu Performance Troupe has given many wonderful Shaolin Kung Fu performances in 53 countries and regions.

Event or Activity Types:

Government Events, VIP Events, Opening Ceremony, Personal Parties, Celebrations, Galas, Exhibitions Fairs, Product Launch, Movies, TV, Choreography Special Events etc.

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Years Experience
Countries and Regions
90 +
Monk Performers
5 +
7×12h Timely Response
1 H

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